Display HN: Easy net app for formative years to manipulate a single Philips Hue mild

Display HN: Easy net app for formative years to manipulate a single Philips Hue mild

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MIT License

Hue Picker is a bare-bones net server and application that controls a single Philips Hue mild.

It offers control over a person Hue mild without opening up the total house automation community. For
instance, it enables teenagers to manipulate the sunshine in their maintain room without being in a predicament to mess spherical with all
other lights or house automation appliances.

The Hue Picker net application can be put in as an App on the iOS or Android house masks to simplify its
utilization additional.

Set up

Pre-built binaries are accessible on the launch page.
Download the binary, originate it executable, and transfer it to a folder on your PATH:

curl -sSL https://github.com/tja/hue-picker/releases/download/v0.1.0/hue-picker-`uname -s`-`uname -m` >/tmp/hue-picker
chmod +x /tmp/hue-picker
sudo mv /tmp/hue-picker /usr/native/bin/hue-picker


Hue Picker requires to be registered with the native Hue bridge. That is finished as follows:

The instrument instructs you to press the button on the Hue bridge. Once the button is pressed, three objects of
files will likely be printed; the Hue bridge’s Host tackle, the Bridge ID, and the User ID.

The subsequent step is to search out the ID of the sunshine that have to be managed. The utilization of the Host tackle and Bridge ID,
merely net:

hue-picker list --host="" --user="YDbjwv...4arRIk"

The instrument will output the list of rooms and associated lights. Every mild is prefixed with the sunshine ID in
brackets (e.g. [00:17:88:01:02:07:21:13-0b]). Inform down the sunshine that Hue Picker would possibly well also mild control.


Hue Picker serves a net application through its built-in net server. The utilization of the previously gathered files,
the server can be launched enjoy this:

hue-picker attend --host="" --user="YDbjwv...4arRIk" --mild="00: 17:...: 21: 13-0b"

Once started, the find application can be opened at http://localhost: 80/ . Inform that the port number and community
interface can be changed during the --hear parameter.

Breeze hue-picker attend --lend a hand to glimpse the list of all accessible alternatives.


Hue Picker will find out just a few configuration file config.yaml at several areas in the following define:

  • /and many others/hue-picker/config.yaml
  • $HOME/.config/hue-picker/config.yaml
  • $PWD/config.yaml

Convey line parameters and configuration file alternatives are named the same.

Furthermore, Hue Picker can be configured through atmosphere variables. Merely eliminate the higher-cased expose line
parameter and prefix with HUE_PICKER_ — e.g. --host turns into HUE_PICKER_HOST, --bridge turns into
HUE_PICKER_BRIDGE, and many others.

Convey line parameters override configuration file alternatives, which override atmosphere variables.


Copyright (c) 2022–23 Thomas Jansen. Launched below the
MIT License.

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