1 thought on “The Hundred-one year Programming Language

  1. > (on SIMD) C never really added any kind of abstraction for them.

    ISPC and various C-like GPU shading languages would beg to differ. But then the next question is: are high-level abstractions and 'compiler magic' even all that useful for SIMD, or are intrinsics the better solution?

    None of those things are part of the C standard of course, but in the real world the C standard does not matter – only the feature set of actually existing compilers does.

    Also I wish that obsession with the PDP-11 would finally die. C seems to be a pretty good match for all sorts of von-Neumann-computers, otherwise it would have died already.

    IMHO programming languages live and die with the hardware they need to run on, a hardware which requires an entirely different way of programming will also require entirely different programming languages – it makes a lot more sense to speculate what hardware will look like in 100 years, because this will tell you what programming languages will look like.

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